You’ve had a busy, exciting day on vacation. It’s finally time to cozy up in that luxurious hotel bed and… Surprise! Baby won’t fall asleep. Whether your infant refuses to sleep in her playard or your jet-lagged toddler won’t settle down, here are some reasons why your baby won’t sleep on vacation (and ways to get those eyes to close!)

1. She’s slept all day in the stroller or car seat.

On typical vacations, the baby takes her naps on the go: in the carrier, car seat or stroller. If long stints of walking, driving or flying are on your list, you can bet that baby will get way more sleep than normal.

We all know that naptime is when the parents get to relax, so we’re often hesitant to wake a sleeping child.

Rather than letting baby sleep for longer than usual, try to adhere to normal nap duration. She may need a little more sleep if your vacation days are packed with activities, but don’t go overboard.

Too much stroller shut-eye can make your little one wild at bedtime. A less comfortable (but still super adorable) travel stroller like this one might make her more likely to stay awake.

2. He’s had too much excitement and is overtired or over-stimulated.

Babies and toddlers who absorb everything around them are prone to this problem. They’ll act totally thrilled to be out and about only to crash when they finally make it back to the hotel.

If you’ve planned a busy day, don’t try to go out to dinner too. Your baby needs some time in a familiar place to relax before truly winding down.

Stop at a grocery store and bring food to your hotel or order in. You also have the benefit of not having to restrain and entertain your cranky child in a high chair.

Even if you’re only staying a few days, it helps to treat the hotel as home where your baby can crawl, toddle or relax away from crowds or noise.

3. She doesn’t understand the Pack ‘n Play is for sleeping, or worse, thinks it’s a prison.

Auto folding feet on this one for easy packing!

If you’ve only used the playpen to corral an unruly baby, she will feel like she’s being ditched for bad behavior. Also, you may love the feel of a clean, new pair of hotel sheets, but baby likes what she’s used to. Start early and get her accustomed to sleeping in her travel bed.

The playard does seem uncomfortable compared to a mattress, so make it more cozy by tucking a favorite (fleece is nice) blanket around the pad. Of course, if your baby has been rolling a lot or is very young, keep safety in mind first. For an easy solution, buy an extra mattress for the playard like the Dream On Me 3″ Playard Mattress or the MamaDoo Kids Playard Mattress Topper, which has the added benefit of being foldable.

4. You didn’t follow something similar to his bedtime routine.

Does his normal bedtime routine consist of stumbling back to the room at 10 p.m. and lying with mom and dad in bed while watching TV? Or do you usually let him fall asleep in the car seat or stroller and then attempt a silent transfer to bed? I didn’t think so. (Or at least, I hope not.)

Some babies are amenable to changes, but many would rather have their early bath and read books before dozing off. It can be frustrating that your days of staying out late are over, but as parents you try to consider what’s best for your baby.

You could also trade off watching the sleeping children with your spouse or travel partners.

5. She’s just a bad sleeper! Some kids are from the beginning.

On our first trips with Baby J when she was an infant, she struggled to fall asleep, woke up a lot and demanded frequent sips of formula. Basically, she was the same baby on vacation that she was at home. It was just that since we were away, we expected her to relax and have a good time too!

We made it through a few trips with her, each time cursing each other in the darkness for what should/should not have been done. Be reasonable with your expectations, and make sure you and your spouse are on the same page.

If you’ve considered all the things above and you still can’t get your baby to sleep on vacation, remember: this too shall pass. Each developmental stage is different and waiting a few months will bring the solution to that sleep problem (along with a new one to solve).

Good luck!

Photo by kretyen