The coastal fog lifted this morning just in time to go strawberry picking. We had picked apples before in Julian and cherries in Leona Valley, but this was our first time picking strawberries with Baby J, our fruit-obsessed toddler. We met some friends at the Carlsbad strawberry fields right off the 5 freeway.

It was an expensive way to get strawberries, considering they are so cheap in the store right now… but we did as most do and ate our share in the field. While Baby J couldn’t get the hang of pulling the strawberry off the plant without mushing it, we did manage to fill up a small bucket with bright red berries! I’m looking forward to my strawberry margarita tonight.

Forgive me, I took these photos with my iPhone as it is not wise to trek through muddy fields with a new camera and a toddler. Also, knocked this one off my 30 before 30 List!