When your baby or toddler spends almost all her time eating, feeding during travel is no easy task. Here are some hints and 4 things you shouldn’t be without.

Formula: Yes, I know the breastfeeders have it easy. But for us “other” moms, there are several products that make traveling with a baby or toddler much simpler. First, if your baby is on formula, buy a formula dispenser. You’ll have measured portions that you can just dump into the bottle.

Milk: If your toddler is already drinking milk, spend the extra money on milk in aseptic packaging, which makes it shelf stable and doesn’t need to be refrigerated. Instead of having to worry about keeping milk cold, you can carry around a few of these and just chill them when necessary in a small ice pack. These cartons are very helpful on road trips, when it can be a long time until your destination. I haven’t been able to find whole milk in this type of individual container, so make sure to supplement with other full-fat dairy or Gerber shelf-stable yogurts that you can buy in the baby food aisle.

Food:We can’t all be environmentally friendly all the time. I do try to use reusable spoons for my toddler when traveling, but sometimes I just don’t have anywhere to wash them or stick them. For those inconvenient times, I seriously love the Take and Toss silverware. They’re cheap, so don’t feel guilty about tossing them. I’m pretty sure they are recyclable too.

Keeping it all cold: I usually recommend staying in hotels with refrigerators to keep costs down and baby’s stuff cold. On the road, I like to use a small bag with cold packs to chill milk, formula or leftovers. The best thing about my bag is that the cold packs are flat and fit in any hotel’s little freezer compartment. If there’s no freezer, I turn the fridge’s temperature all the way down and the cold packs still freeze. You could fit three skinny bottles in this one or two wide bottles or sippy cups, plus room for a yogurt or baby food jar at the top.