Since we moved to San Diego last year, we’ve started a new fall tradition of apple picking and wine tasting in Julian. Since the apple orchard and two wineries are within walking distance of each other, off Julian Orchards Drive, it’s so easy to tire out the toddler in the orchards before settling in for a glass of apple wine in the shade. This year, it was still pretty hot there in September, thanks to the endless summer we’ve been having in San Diego. We picked our $10 bag of apples at Raven Hill Orchard (cash only), then did some wine tasting at Menghini Winery and J. Jenkins Winery.

The apples were small but sweet, and with a kid doing the apple picking you’re bound to get some green and worm-hole ones. This time we stopped for lunch at the Miner’s Diner, where the 3 of us shared some delicious Julian cherry cider and a black cherry malt. On the way home, we stopped at Dudley’s Bakery in Santa Ysabel to pick up some fresh German Black bread. Little J (formerly Baby J, now 2 and not such a baby anymore) ate some of the super-soft slices out of the bag and promptly fell asleep, crust in hand. Julian, we hope to see you in the snow this winter!