The air is brisk, the water’s colder, and it might be foggy or even raining. Since your baby can still be protected from all these things in her car seat or stroller, it’s a great time to go to the beach. Chances are, day temperatures are higher than where you live. If you can’t make it to Mexico or to some tropical island, but the laidback coastal lifestyle is just what you need, then come visit a California beach.

The beach is just as beautiful in winter: the sun still sets over a sparkling blue ocean. Even on a foggy day sometimes the light pours in through the clouds like a sign from heaven. No, you may not want to play in the sand or get in the water. But the surf picks up in winter, and parking is cheaper or free. Baby will be snug in her car seat or stroller while you enjoy the view.


Also, hotel prices drop and you get a real, local experience. We moved to Carlsbad in the summer and were surprised as to how many tourists there were. As the seasons change, we notice so much more about our new town. Once the summer ended, the beach really felt like a piece of a nature worth exploring.


So, don’t wait for an older child to be disappointed by the winter weather. Bundle up your baby and take the stroller for a walk on the beach boardwalk. Be glad you don’t have to chase your new walker from the waves. With a baby carrier, you can take that long walk on the sand with your loveys.


A trip to the beach with baby makes for happy memories that you can reminisce about later when your children are older and you bring them back to that beach. Pick one of my top beaches for babies and toddlers to make it easy. Then, grab your coffee from the local café and enjoy winter at the beach!